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My life


A little history:

I received my Bachelors degree in Languages as well as a Higher Education Diploma at the University of Pretoria, making me a qualified Secondary-school teacher.

But decided I wanted to see the world and had an opportunity to do so while working as an English teacher in Taiwan and Malaysia. Whilst teaching children and adults overseas, I completed two years of Psychology through UNISA. And had a HUGE amount of fun and met great people from all over the world!

Convinced that God has a very specific purpose for us in South Africa, we returned in 1996.

My wedding Day!My wedding Day!

I worked in the IT sector for four years, working myself up from administration to technician. Finding my passion in fonts and colour, I again enrolled at UP where I completed my first three years of the Information Sciences degree, specialising in Multimedia.



The birth of my daughter changed my priorities considerably, and I spent my time at home, laughing and crying with her, while doing freelance design for 3 years.


I joined the ACDP in 2003, and served on Branch – and Regional Executive Committees (Madibeng). I was a member of the Provincial Executive Council (North-West Province) I was also National Monitoring Manager for the ACDP in 2006 and 2009 and thus spent Election days (and nights) at the Pretoria Show-grounds. I became a Proportional Relation Councillor for the Municipality of Madibeng in March 2006-2011. I loved being a Councillor, since I have a passion for solving problems and for people being treated unfairly and Jesus Christ.

I truly believe that God called me to become involved in politics and hopefully I made a difference in the lives of people. It made a difference in my life. I met awesome people and learned that there is hope for South Africa and it’s citizens.

Then I headed in a new direction, being mommy and wife exclusively. I feel at this stage I am to put my family first. I have more peace knowing that I am in the will of God; even if it means sacrificing my personal goals for a season.

Homeschooling journey starts:


The four of usThe four of usI started Homeschooling my 2 lovely daughters in 2013 and WOW!

What a revelation! I am- (1) not climbing up the walls with frustration and (2) we are not killing each other from being together so often.

It is so much calmer, we laugh and have fun and . . .  I got to know my children. Thought I knew them well before . . . not so much in comparison.

Strangely everyone is doing better with me at home and not gallivanting across the nation.

Mmm . . . pause and calmly think on that!